Friday, October 15, 2010

Start the semester off right!

The fall semester is in full swing, and the Connie Hogarth Center has wasted no time in getting active and hosting events.

On October 2nd, six students from the center attended the "One Nation Working Together" rally in Washington DC, sacrificing sleep and a precious Saturday night. As soon as we stepped off the bus at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, we were engulfed in a sea of people- wearing colorful t-shirts, carrying signs, and chanting union cheers- we knew this rally was going to be huge. When we arrived at the Lincoln memorial, tens of thousands of people had already gathered at the steps and either side of the reflecting pool; we were greeted by lively music and the palpable energy of the crowd.

While walking around, we were bombarded with fliers, literature, buttons and stickers from every kind of organization from Jobs with Justice to Code Pink while listening to the words of figures such as Medea Benjamin and Harry Belefonte.

Though long and tiring as the day was, we returned to campus inspired and empowered by the energy of the rally and the willingness of people and organizations to transcend ideologies, disagreements and individual goals to come together for a day of solidarity and unity.